Cyber Dust- Changing the Way We Communicate Forever


The Privacy Revolution is here. Cyber Dust is a mobile app that takes over texting and privacy forever. This is a brand new app- What it does is erase your text messages from the person you sent it to you. So there is never a trail. All messages are fully encrypted. They take all of the industry standard precautions necessary to make sure your messages are not accessible while they exist. In the current system, if you send someone a text message, even if you delete the message, it still exists somewhere. Whether that is a server in the cloud or on the other persons cell phone message log that information can be used against you, or without your permission! With cyber dust I can send you a message and know within 10 seconds it will be deleted within seconds from every server. It gives you full security on every message you send.


If you want to see Cyber Dust in full action, overview, features, and an exciting look at the app.

Problems? :

Maybe. The only issue that arises is the simple, “what if I just screen shot the text, therefore saving the conversation even after the message disappears”. Well Cyber Dust has an answer for that! You will be immediately notified and they disassociate users from their content, therefore in the event of a screenshot, the person screen shooting the message won’t be able to prove who actually sent the message. In other words, they are content with people having the ability to steal other peoples content via the app because you won’t be able to prove who sent the message. A little contradictory to their main message of protecting the individual rather then the content but still is a plausible solution to a major concern.


Leadership :

Co Founder: Mark Cuban 



Mark Cuban created Cyber Dust to “redefine privacy”. He wants to get rid of the digital footprint one leaves behind when interacting online/through text messages. Cyber Dust was created to help erase the digital footprint and Cuban believes that this app will curb cyber bullying as well. He believes this will make people more honest and less fearful of cyber bully attacks. He thinks it will curb bullying because Cyber Dust makes sure bullies have a difficult time tracking their victim’s online profiles to find negative aspect about them.

Last June Mark Cuban talked to TheBlaze and discussed the many uses for Cyberdust:

Co Founder/ President: Ryan Ozonian


Much more low-key then the other co-founder, Ryan Ozonian. A recent USC graduate, Ryan Ozonian teamed up with Mark Cuban to form this Cyber Dust company.

Ryan Ozonian talked to the about Cyber Dust and the development of the company:

Interview with Segun Oduolowu:  

An exclusive interview with social commentator and pop culture analyst Segun Oduolowu.




Social Media is Making us Dumb and Socially Awkward

I agree.

Social Media, especially for journalists, has created an atmosphere where you don’t have to be right but you have to be first. It is not about the correct/credible story- but rather to get views/followers. It now has nothing to do with veracity of the story- Do they check the facts like good reputable journalists? When breaking news happens-it can make us “dumber” because you don’t know really know what’s credible. It’s alike using Wikipedia as a source- the information could come from an amazing, credible source or it could be a 10 year old fooling around. But, with regards to journalists- especially twitter- the willingness to tweet, post, and write about some stories for clicks is something that can lead us to become dumber. The need to attract audiences and the willingness to post “click bait” by journalists leads me to believe that social media is making us dumber.


The socially awkward aspect is in the realm of social media platforms. When interacting online people don’t have face-to-face interactions. That leads them to awkward encounters/ potential plethora of misunderstood information. Key strokes aren’t the same as body language, tone of voice, emotions. Interacting socially online- if somebody calls you a “loser”, one doesn’t know the manner in which it is being presented. Also, you have a disconnect, when speaking online one can paint themselves in a manner that isn’t them. The quietest kid in your class could be the most outspoken person on the internet, but the disconnect could lead you to never finding that out. Similarly, you can meet someone online and they could be a completely different person in reality (Catfishing).

I found this infographic online it’s pretty interesting and relevant:

(click it to expand and zoom in)


News Broadcast Review


For this assignment I viewed  an episode of CBS Evening News called “ISIS executes another American hostage; New Jersey Dig Site Reveals exciting fossils” that aired November 16th. It was the primetime, western edition of the Sunday evening news. What I found was interesting was the dark lineup of stories they decided to use and the selection of the story in a particular order. (CBS Evening News 10/16)


They start out with the ISIS beheading of American Peter Kassig. The opening presentation painted the story beautifully, with authentic video, expert analysis, and the Kassig’s family statement showed the audience a valley of emotions that really hit the consumer hard. CBS did a great job covering the topic from all angles: both personal and the political side.  They then decided to run a story about an Ebola patient transferred to the United States in critical condition. An interesting link of stories as these are two different evils that pertain to the United States. The next story includes a deadly chemical leak that happened in Houston followed by the Weather, a full report why the weather is so cold. I found it interesting that these were the first 4 stories they decided to run. All four of these stories have a common theme- they include human agony. ISIS execution, Ebola killing another, a Deadly chemical leak, and finally “an arctic invasion”. CBS news is painting the world as a deadly, cold place.

The second half of the broadcast includes, President Obama’s trip to Australia and China, Aftermath of Malaysian Airlines crash, the DEA’s investigation of the mishandling of prescription drugs, Health care enrollment, and finally Digging for dinosaurs in New Jersey. So the CBS news took a new turn for their end of the broadcast. After going from such serious issues and agony (like murder and killing) the second half of the broadcast is much lighter. Topics like health care, or Obamas trip to China take the “back of the paper” in comparison to the more exciting murder stories.

All in all, I enjoyed this episode of news and it was informative to the current news happening around me. Despite being interesting, it does not mean that I switch my media consuming ways. The option to “digitally snack” on stories online is too appealing rather then to watch a full News broadcast. The information I consumed in 20 minutes- 9 stories- I could have read or been briefed about it in half that time. There were great features about this broadcast, and there were weak ones, but I think I have to stick to my roots, the internet, for my news consumption.

Prominent Person?

Meet Segun Oduolowu. He isn’t the most prominent person in the field of entertainment, but he’s pretty damn successful!

He is a television analyst, broadcast journalist, blogger, and entertainer. The man is available and ready on all different fronts.

1. Twitter !

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 2.44.41 PM

The man has 28 thousand twitter followers!

2. Blog/Podcast

podcast one

“The Wired In With Segun podcast, is a weekly free flowing forum, where intelligence meets entertainment. NOTHING is off limits; from Pop Culture to Politics, Sports to Scandals and Headlines to Headaches.  I will be speaking to some of the best and the brightest celebs and newsmakers, with my hot co-host Nora Moore while dishing out my own unique brand of flavor.”

His Blog:

(but he hasn’t updated it since September)

3. Television

On top of his prominent podcast, Segun is a frequent on television shows like Access Hollywood Live

Access Hollywood

or Dr. Drew On Call (where he talks about a lot of serious stuff)

dr. drew photo


or Online (via the Wendy Williams show)

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 3.03.46 PM


thats a ton of views ! Update: 148 thousand views now!

or Joe Schmo Show


4. Lastly, Segun makes a little bit of money through Movie and Commercial appearances.

I believe Segun is important for all up and coming journalists or entertainers. He is a beacon of light for anyone who is trying to come from nothing and make a name for themselves. He is a prime example of perseverance and never giving up on ones dreams. The future looks bright for Segun so start following him because I promise you you won’t hear


Update: Interviewing is coming up soon. Audio formatting malfunctioned- Stay tuned should be up shortly.

Photo Journalism

On Saturday November 1st, I attended one of the most famous fraternal events nationally- The Annual Mud Bowl. This is a traditional charity football game hosted by the brothers at SAE (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) is hosted at their famous house (on the corner of Wastenaw and South U). This is a tradition that lives well over 100 years and will continue to excite students, children, and families for years to come.

The matchup this year was Phi Psi vs SAE.

Walking up to the playing field

Walking up to the playing field

A panorama of the entire scene

A panorama of the entire scene

Kick off and the game is about to begin !

Kick off and the game is about to begin !

The teams are in the mud and ready to play

The teams are in the mud and ready to play

A look at the crowd and the reflection of the players on the mud

A look at the crowd and the reflection of the players on the mud

Phi Psi storms the field after a win

Phi Psi storms the field after a win

A Phi Psi brother waving their flag during the aftermath of the celebration

A Phi Psi brother waving their flag during the aftermath of the celebration


In the world of sports today, technology is a big player. It seems that Football (internationally [Fútbol!]) finally has embraced the concept of using cameras on goal-lines. There was a lot of debate leading up to the decision whether or not to use goal line technology. Advocates for goal-line technology argue that it would significantly reduce refereeing mistakes during the course of a match. True futbol purists, the advocates against goal line technology, argued that such technology would impact the human element of the game and remove the enjoyment of debating mistakes. Another argument against this new goal line technology is the thought that this is exclusionary and special for only the richer leagues. It is an expensive piece of equipment, that smaller/poorer leagues are going to have a hard time supplying/obtaining.

Sepp Blatter (president of FIFA) once said, “Other sports regularly change the laws of the game to react to the new technology. … We don’t do it and this makes the fascination and the popularity of football”. The turning point for Futbol to finally join the modern world was when the goal line controversy was put on a world stage. Frank Lampard (England) scored a goal against Germany in the 2010 World Cup and it was disallowed. ( ). This was a major turning point. This controversy led to “radical” English hooligansm, which successfully pressured Sepp Blatter into finally changing the way Futbol fundamentally works.


Lampard No Goal

To see such an a proud, old-school sport like Futbol change shows that Sports are constantly searching to innovate and improve upon themselves.

Audio Special

For this interview I interviewed former collegiate athlete and star Mud Bowl linebacker Sam Rosenburg of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. He participated in the gut wrenching affair and I asked him his thoughts on the events, comparing it to his former sport- lacrosse, and more!


NPR One Review

I listen to the radio quite frequently. In addition to the NPR One radio app I own 3 additional online radio applications- Pandora, Songza, (music) and Stitcher. I have been a downloader and frequent listener for Stitcher since 2011. Some podcasts I follow include the Tony Kornheiser show, PTI show, and a lot of ESPN radio.


As soon as I opened the app Michigan Radio started playing. Enabling the localization aspect. Then it auto played the Hourly Newscast from the Michigan Radio Station. The stories initially offered to me were not in any specific order but it was  suggestions because off the local station I automatically connected with. I found that the interface of the website wasn’t very user friendly. There is an element of user-friendly interaction missing. The only options a consumer has is to search for specific radio shows or change your radio station. But still, considering that the NPR One app is still very early in its development, I’m expecting remarkable changes in the future. One potential thing that NPR App could do is to favorite/save stories you’re following. So it can update you once something breaking news is happening. Or quite possibly a trending section/ organization interface to see what the most people are listening too. By Organization Interface I mean dividing news stories and the type of podcasts by the genre of news (Sports, International News, Cooking…)



Overall, I like the NPR one app. I think it is a great way for people to stay informed locally, but it still has a lot of work ahead of them.

Live Tweeting SFL (Steelers vs Panthers)

This was my first time Live tweeting. Hopefully my twitter followers don’t get too annoyed!

It’s going to be an intense one tonight when the unbeaten Carolina Panthers face the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Some key goals for the teams tonight:

In the midst of the game there is controversy surrounding a player on the Carolina Panthers, Greg Hardy, and his recent Domestic Abuse case.

Carolina kicks off to Pittsburgh to start the game:

And the game starts doesn’t start out very exciting…

Cam Newton after an a pretty efficient first drive gets the early lead in the game. 3-0 Panthers with 6:40 left in the 1st.

And the first quarter comes to a solemn ending. Not a ton of action- just two field goal. The score of the game is 3-3.

Ben Roethlisberger grinds down the field, a 16 play drive to just settle for the field goal. And we see the another field goal with 5:37 left in the 2nd quarter.

Hard nose, old school scrappy defense overshadows this game as the score of is 9-3 at the end of the first half. The game features a lot of punts and no real big plays yet. Maybe in the second half we can get a little bit more action and see some scores.

The Carolin with retain possession with the Kickoff to start the second half. We can see what Cam Newton n and his staff game planned for the first drive of the half.

After a costly fumble, Cam Newton turns the ball over to Big Ben and Co in the Redzone. But the Panthers defense stand strong. Unfortunately, a costly fourth down offsides gave Ben Roethlisberger a second chance… and he never looked back connecting with Brown for the first touchdown of the game. Steelers with the 16-3 lead.

Cam Newton answers the touchdown by putting points back on the scoreboard. But the Steelers defense is reminiscent of the Steel Curtain. They still haven’t allowed a touchdown tonight.

The Steelers led by Le’Veon Bell’s huge run scored yet another touchdown. Big Ben found Antonio brown for another touchdown as the Steelers are starting to take control of this game.

The start of the fourth quarter, Carolina has possession, they need to get something going if they want to stay in this game.

The fourth quarter starts out with a blast as Cam Newton successfully goes for it on fourth down and throws a 37 yard touchdown to tight end Greg Olsen. The game is still in reach.

The Steelers scored on a fumbled punt. They extend their lead 30-13.

The Steelers score another touchdown and extend the lead to 37-13. There is 5:38 left in the 4th quarter. Not much the Panthers can do now.

Cam Newton subbed off and Derek Anderson came on and threw a 35 yard dart. It doesn’t mean much but Kelvin Benjamin can be big in the future. Thats one good thing to take away.

The Steelers take the game 37-19. Ben Roethlisberger is 8-of-8 with a touchdown targeting Antonio Brown! Cam Newton had a decent game going 24/35 for 250 yards and a touchdown.

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